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Importance Of Curtains In The Home

Curtains must be considered more than just materials to keep the light out. Not only do they give us privacy in our own home, they also play an imprtant role in the aesthetic of a room as well as unify the decor. They are often left as the last item on the list but what we need to keep in mind is that they have a huge impact on the… Read More »

TV Room Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Wall panels offer an elegance, coziness, a feature,etc.. They are stylish and can be made to your design and specifications. Used as a wall mounted padded headboard for a bed or as an elegant backdrop, wall panels are designed and upholstered to suit the character and colour scheme of the room of choice. Luxurious wall panels create a unique and sumptuous setting to complement any room. As all our panels… Read More »

Fabric walling in TV Room

The Aethetic Attributes Of Fabric Upholstered Walls

Fabric Upholstered Walls has the abilty to drastically change the look of any space. Some of us call it fabric walling. It is a luxurious alternative to wallpaper and paint. Upholstered walls are sophisticated and add a feeling of comfort and elegance. Using fabric walling or upholstered walls are also super practical for soundproofing reasons. Ideal for a media room and a great solution for noisy neighbours which makes it… Read More »

Deep Button Headboard with Swarovski Crystal Details

Deep Button Headboard

Who says traditional has to be ordinary? Deep button headboard or deep tufting are usually regarded as an old fashioned finish for panels and furniture. But the combination of this technique and opulent fabric such as velvets, a rich and highly decorative look is created. The addition of the Swarovski crystal adds an urban twist, which brings this headboard a very modern look. Perfect addition to any style of décor… Read More »

Falling Walling With Cream Linen

Benefits Of Fabric Walling Vs Wallpaper

A professional can easily fix wallpaper to walls, however using fabric instead adds a certain finesse and elegance that only fabric can provide. They are many advantages to choosing fabric over wallpaper. They are many fabrics available today and each with different feel and texture. Fabric’s textural qualities are especially desirable in a room where the other walls are smooth and hard. Linens, hand-loomed materials create interesting contrasts and softening… Read More »

Upholstered Headboard

A Headboard

A headboard is the portion of a bed that attaches to the head of the bed but in some cases, it may simply rest behind the bed. Traditionally made out of solid wood, a headboard was used to exclude the sleeper from drafts and cold walls. The idea was for the headboard leaves space between the bed and the wall and grants the cold air to sink to the floor…. Read More »