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Faux Fur Throw Chinchilla N2

Faux Fur Throws from Elegance Collection

Synonym for beautiful and used to describe things exhibit refined grace and dignified propriety. The only words to use to describe our faux fur throws new collection, made entirely using Tissavel high-grade faux furs. The undisputed company known for providing the best quality faux furs. These faux fur throws are soft and warm  and as true to life as they come. Ultimate choice of faux furs throws. Just like the previous collection, these faux furs are… Read More »

Fabric walling with Purple Silk

Home Decor By The Season

The weather has changed from the long and warm summer days to the shorter and windy autumn and soon fall will give way to winter and snow. With the change in seasons there is a corresponding change in our lifestyle choices, as one would expect. The time for being in the swimming pool or by the beach side has passed and the time for snuggling up cosily is here. One… Read More »

Upholstered headboard with Bedding

How To Use Home Accessories To Enhance Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a refuge for when we return home from a long day at work. It is the place where we feel calm and peaceful, where we go to relax and escape from everyday life. Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is usually the biggest reflection of yourself. In this instance, it should reflect our personality but it should be decorated with style, without overcrowding with… Read More »

Mohair Throw & Cushions Laure

Home accessories

Home accessories made by hand are our speciality. At Mille Couleurs London, we’ve made our name by our passion for making quality home accessories- our e-boutique is designed exclusively to assist clients in making well-informed decisions about their purchases.Home accessories are essentiel for every living space. Home accessories soften and give a warm look to your decor. Our luxury  home accessories are unique, exclusive to us and include faux fur… Read More »

Yellow and Red Combinaison

Top Interior Design Trends 2014/15

If you’re an interior design buff, read on for an insider’s guide to this year’s hottest trends. From quirky furniture to in vogue colours, we’ve got it covered! Unconventional lounging This year was all about pushing the boundaries of contemporary lounging and shining the spotlight on a new form of seating – the beanbag! Quirky and colourful, the 100% high grain Italian leather Carambola collection is one of the plushest… Read More »