Fabric walling is a luxurious alternative to wallpaper and painting

Fabric walling is a luxurious alternative to wallpaper and painting

Fabric walling or wall upholstery is a finish that is intended to make a room feel beautiful, comfortable and acoustically sound. Our technique allows us to work on site and custom the room itself making our team available to travel around the country and the world to complete your custom upholstered wall or room. From hallway cloakrooms to great halls, fabric walling provides a finish to rooms that paints and… Read More »

Important question you need to ask before having fabric walling installed in your home.

Important question you need to ask before having fabric walling installed in your home.

Fabric walling can be used for more than just sound proofing your home. Stretching fabric on can be both modern and stylish. The trick is having the right person instal it in your home. After working with numerous high-end interior designers in London and abroad, Mille Couleurs is highly trusted to deliver only the best when it comes to installing fabric on walls. Today we have compiled then simple questions… Read More »

Cinema Room - Home cinema

The Perfect Cinema Room For The Home

Our home is our sanctuary and our greatest investment. It is the haven we return to after long days at work. There’s nothing better than watching a good movie in the comfort of your own home and having all the snacks just a step away. All these are possible with an exquisetely designed and fitted out to the highest standard. The perfect cinema room needs to reflect your style as… Read More »

Falling Walling with Brown Velvet

Upholstered Walls is A Precious Touch

Contemporary-chic wall coverings/panels made of real leather, wool, linen etc that can be made to the smallest detail and perfectly crafted on site to obtain a result that is sober and sophisticated elegance. Our panels can be made with different shapes and sizes for a seductive effect of grace and sophistication. A neutral composition but especially designed to enhance the walls of a study, a living room or a bedroom… Read More »

Fabric walling with Purple Silk

Fabric Walling For Interiors

When today’s homeowners think about their wall design, they may not even consider fabric walling. Painted and wall papered walls have been the norm in modern homes for quite some time, but fabric walling has never gone out of style for home owners with discerning tastes. This classic and elegant design has been steadily gaining in popularity and is now poised to make a full comeback. With its clean finish… Read More »

Upholstered Headboard With Silver SIlk

Fabric Walling As An Essential Decorative Element

Fabric walling can be used a decorative element essential when a clean and elegant interior is to be created. A harmonious decor created by fabric on the wall with curtains and a carpet matching is the guarantee of total comfort. The installation of fabric walling is certainly one of the most difficult to achieve if one has requirements to comply with the rules of art. It can be made specifically… Read More »

Upholstered headboard

Benefits Of Having A Headboard

First of all we need to remember that the bedroom is the most important room of our home. We spend a third of our time in it while the most important of our day is the night. So the bed is the central element of this room but can quickly being invisible. To give it back all of its importance, and give back the initial nature to the bedroom, we… Read More »

Fabric walling in TV Room

Why Use Fabric Walling ?

Fabric walling is known for its luxury, coziness and its elegant look, bringing with it an all around comfort whether it is used in the house or in a hotel room. Furthermore, the fact that the installation requires lining the walls prior to the stretching of the fabric means that fabric walling provides an excellent heat and sound insulation. It also prevents moisture building in old homes or a country… Read More »

Fabric Walling in Cinema Room

What Are The Suitable Fabrics For Fabric Walling?

Fabric suppliers have a variety of upholstery as well as non-upholstery fabrics that can be stretched on your walls. Our highly skilled team is always available to guide or advise on the best options of fabrics. Fabrics to be used on walls are chosen depending on a few things, which are: The flexibility of the fabric The fabric weight Opacity of the fabric (some fabric by their transparency require a… Read More »