Outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture Collection

This outdoor furniture collection is ultimate collection in luxury and contemporary style that will define any outdoor living space. The structure of the table, seat and bench is handmade using solid outdoor wood which is then protected with a special outdoor paint. An integrated box made using marine pine plywood veneered with walnut Tanganika, lacquered with a special paint for outdoor. For extra comfort, seat and bench tops are padded using materials specific for such environment…. Read More »

Outdoor furniture set by Mille Couleurs London

Milan Design Week 2014

For the first time in Italy, Mille Couleurs London is exhibiting their HANDMADE Furniture and accessories. We will be showing our new furniture collection called JARDINIERE that is outdoor for residential homes and Hotels. Handmade with solid Iroko with outdoors’s paint. Box made by marine pine plywood veneered by wallnut Tanganiika, lacquered by special paint for outdoor. The pot is made with solid Iroko finished with outdoors’s paint. Box made… Read More »

Fabric walling in the media room

Fabric Walling – A sound proofing solution

Fabric walling is the one of the best sound insulation. Either is a hotel room, conference room, media room, or boardroom, fabric walling would help resolve the sounds insolation problem.   A sound in solution  is a common issue of rooms’ noise pollution and noisy neighbours. It is unusual to be able to hear sound from a television or that of a conversation, raised voices and the occasional loud music. These… Read More »

Falling Walling With Cream Linen

The Aesthetic Beauty of Fabric Walling

Fabric walling does not have to have to look dated. Choosing the right fabric and the right finish can have a dramatic change to a room. Fabric walling can be used to modernize any room. Fabrics such as linens, wools and other textured fabrics can be a breath of fresh air to any room. At Mille Couleurs London, we are known for our invisible finish or the finish without braiding…. Read More »

Placemat set

Placemats with runners

Simple, timeless elegance of pure linen hemstitched table mats and runners, are handcrafted. The table mats and runners are designed to accessorize any table with a unique blend of sophistication and fun. They are of a superb quality and visually appealing to reflect our values of luxury. The superb artistry of renowned craftsmanship used to make each of these items, is incredibly illustrated in the intricate weaving embellishing matching placemats… Read More »

Mohair cushion

Mohair Throws and Cushions Collection

The mohair throws and cushions are a non woven textile produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together.  Fragments have been found date back to the fourth century BC in Central Asia, where it was used to make hats, blankets, carpets and even tents, and to the fifth century BC in felt articles found in tombs in Siberia.   Mohair throw is most commonly made from sheep’s wool, hair from goats, bison, yaks,… Read More »

floor cushion

Floor Cushion Le Rouget

Sometimes we just do not have the space to have too many armchairs or even a sofa. So what do we do in these instances? Imagine a low table surrounded by beautifully made floor cushions. Cushions that can be customised into any sizes suitable. A modern and minimal designed to suit any decor. Made using a buttery soft, durable and rugged Italian leather to provide a touch of elegance. Perfect… Read More »


Armchair from Cube Collection

Streamlined modern and beauty with a natural grace seen only with Mille Couleurs Handcrafted in felted wool with a monochromatic theme that uses different tonal shades of blue, this oversized cube armchair is very innovative in its design. By combining the elegance of a luxurious chair with the coziness of a sofa, it is comfortable when using a laptop, watching TV (or falling asleep in front of the TV!), enjoying… Read More »

Upholstered headboard

Upholstered Headboard – Contemporary Design

An exquisitely upholstered headboard that will define, accentuate and enrich any room. The upholstered headboard is encased in an oak frame and made in felted wool. Embellished antique bronze wall lights are fitted on the padded panels and the headboard has electrically certified ready-to-use power points. All you need to do is to plug your appliance straight in, making it easy if you decide to move your bed. This minimalist… Read More »