Company Profile

Mille Couleurs is positioned at the upper level of the market to appeal to the discerning customer searching for exclusive products but who recognises design integrity, quality, attention to detail.

We treat our customers to beautiful made in a lovely premium quality with a hint of detail that would keep it contemporary but not such fashion statement that would date within a season.

Mille Couleurs founders had been working in their earlier career in the art and design industry.


Company Story

Togolese born French Mablé AGBODAN loves fashion and passionate with art and design. In Paris, she worked for Musée d’Orsay, the second national French Museum after Le Louvre. Once in London, she was lucky enough to be part of a passionate company where they design and make the finest bed linen for private labels to clients such as And So To Bed, Harrods, Selfridges, etc.….

French born with diverse roots, Stan has been working in the luxury industry since the beginning of his career, from displaying in Printemps to Galerie Lafeyette in Paris, where he was in charge for windows display for Rosenthal Collections.

This mad, creative environment fuelled an existing passion for art and design to establish a never-ending desire to find the most unusual, fabulous projects possible, wherever in the world that might be. Between them they have crossed the globe from Paris, Dakar, Roma, to New York and they still, to this day, get ridiculously excited at the discovery of a design and ideas.